Vaughn Murphy's Website Case Study

An international world leader in peak performance consulting transforms his audience for the better with the help of his motivational tools.

Vaughn (2012)

Progressive commentary on the self-help movement Visit website

Going deep inside the Self-Help Movement, Vaughn Murphy presents a serious exposé on this multibillion-dollar industry through a notorious web campaign which causes real damage to its paying customers in


Vaughn’s website uses mind-blowing multimedia effects to deliver satirical self-help humor embodying everything you could want in self-help evangelism under one colossal digital tent. Surviving on repeat business, the experience of Vaughn’s website is a non-stop advertisement for personal success.

In, the desire and need for Vaughn’s self-help actualization life juice is infinite and Vaughn is never done.


Created by and Starring Jason Safir
Editing and Visual Effects by Jason Safir
Cinematography by Jesse Konter
Sound Recording and Mixing by Winslow Porter


video, web, motion graphics, humor, design, character design, branding identity

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