An ingeniously staged gore-soaked musical comedy.

The Legend of Beaver Dam (2010)

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A campfire song awakens an evil monster, and it’s up to nerdy Danny Zigwitz to become a hero and save his fellow campers from a bloody massacre.


Directed by Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion, our goal for the The Legend of Beaver Dam’s website was to design a simple and clear overview of the musical horror comedy that reflects the picture’s ominous tone. The website we designed presents all the essential information about the film in a simple but bold contemporary aesthetic, with attention to details and typography.


Hailed as one of the most inventive and groundbreaking horror shorts ever, The Legend of Beaver Dam was a midnight hit at Sundance, and winner of “Best Short Film” at Sitges, TIFF, Fantastic Fest, and Screamfest.


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