Created a powerful digital experience that combines sight, sound and motion to colorfully portray Jose Bond and the Superheroes episodic missions to combat evil in LA.

Jose Bond and the Superheroes (2013)

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Post Production Supervisor and web designer for Justin Shenkarow’s action comedy series Jose Bond and the Superheroes. I built an immersive site utilizing video interstitials to showcase the story, film characters and environments.


Directed by Justin Shenkarow, Jose Bond and the Superheroes tells the story of Jose Bond, James Bond’s cousin from South of the Border, who swam across the Rio Grande, having spent weeks in sweltering deserts and hurdled over mountains to get to Los Angeles to fight evil. He embarks on an epic journey to find three additional superheroes in his quest to eradicate evil from Los Angeles. In the series, these four powerful superheroes embark on new missions each week to combat evil.


Written and Directed by Justin Shenkarow
Produced by Emily Robinson and Justin Shenkarow
Cinematography by Paul Sadowski and Aaron Bush
Edited by Tyler Evans
Visual Effects by Jason Safir
Art Direction by Emily Robinson
Design and Development by Jason Safir


interactive, video, web design, humor, design