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An interactive event that utilizes electronic shadows as raw materials and paints them into an architectural spatial form.

Collective Shadow (2006)

Interactive Projections

Collective Shadow explores the organic connection of human actions in an interactive collaborative space through the electronic casting of shadows and silhouettes projected onto a screen. The developed installation overthrows the participant’s conception of representation within a public realm through the diffused shadows immaterial form. Four ambiances are created (‘Shadow’ ‘You and Us’ ‘Heat’ and ‘iShadow’) to generate alternative possibilities for the simulacrum, each one affecting the user’s behavior and impression of the physical space in a new light.

The ability of the user to recreate themselves through a screen affects their perspective on the dimension of their own shadows. Props embedded into the environment are used to help influence dynamic gestures and distinct shadows performed by the collaborative users. The representative iconographic objects of war, superficiality, constructed ‘necessities’, and reliant technologies, all acquired from the ‘real’ world, pertain new significant meaning once they are handled by the user. It is such objects that affect the physical language of the user, essentially becoming an extension of them by their reflected silhouettes. The live performance of electroacoustic sounds, determined by the language of the collective shadows and their utilization of materials, furthermore contributes to the sentiment of the electronic representations.

Project Team: Maxime Bergeron, Hugues Bruyère and Jason Safir.


interactive, installation