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Sex, Drugs, and Milk & Meat.
In Yiddish.

YidLife Crisis

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Drinking in the very best that Montreal’s multicultural Mile End has to offer, Chaimie and Leizer, best friends and debating adversaries, tackle life, love, and lactose intolerance in this foodie centric web series done entirely in their grandparents’ Yiddish.


YidLife Crisis is a Yiddish comedy series that grapples with quandaries of contemporary Jewish life. My responsibilities as the show’s art director was to execute a branding model that would best package and represent YidLife Crisis both online and on the festival circuit. Working closely with its directors, Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, we produced a logo, poster designs, and a bilingual movie web site that is fully optimized for all devices. Other responsibilities included color correction and grading on episode footage, and promotional banner designs for social media.


video, interactive, design, web, humor

If Seinfeld had taken place in Montreal instead of New York and been in Yiddish instead of English, it would have been YidLife Crisis.

Renee Ghert-Zand, The Times of Israel

The first modern Yiddish sitcom..."Yidlife Crisis" has been a long time coming.

Leyzer Burko, The Jewish Daily Forward

Festivals & Awards

Canadian Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media - Fiction

Just For Laughs
The Ethnic Show

TO WebFest
Winner Best Comedy Series

LAweb Fest
Nominated for Outstanding Writing

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection