Implementing movement, interaction, drama and art directly onto the Frutiger font-family.

The Frutigers

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Inspired by children and alphabet books and based on the Frutiger font-family by Adrian Frutiger, The Frutigers present the letters of the alphabet in an interactive environment where each character is presented with its own distinct personality. Being both playful and rambunctious, the thick weighted font reflects the identity in which the characters are conveyed.

The Frutigers is a playful way to investigate the design, characteristics and structuring of the font family by simulating them into an interactive space where the user has the means to discover the font intimately. Give Faulty Fritz a typeface lift. Let Ruthless Radford help you discover hyper adjectives that begin with the letter ‘R’. Discover witty synonyms and adjectives with Intelligent Iggie. The interactive compositions bring a fun learning experience on letters and their forms by implementing movement, interaction, phenotics, art and drama directly to each depicted Frutiger character.


interactive, character design, motion graphics, web design, humor, design